The Nintendo ds – a handy device

By Ken123 via Wikimedia Commons

By Ken123 via Wikimedia Commons

The Nintendo DS is a handheld video game console. The ds in the name of Nintendo ds stands for dual screen. The Nintendo ds was the first game console to be launched outside Japan when it entered the market in North America in the year of 2004. The Nintendo ds introduced significant new features to a handheld video game console. The Nintendo ds has an LCD screen working together with a touchscreen. Furthermore, the Nintendo ds has an in-built microphone and supports wireless internet connectivity. The two screens of the Nintendo ds have a similar design to the Game Boy Advance SP.
In addition, the Nintendo ds features the usage of multiple DS consoles. This means that the Nintendo ds allows a number of ds consoles to connect with one another over Wi-Fi. There is no need to connect with an existing wireless network. The Nintendo ds also has its own online service system. It is called the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. Before the Nintendo ds was released, it had been meant to complement the Game Boy Advanced and Game Cube. In 2003, Nintendo only announced that there were going to launch a new product but they did not release any details whatsoever about the Nintendo ds. In 2006, Nintendo then launched the Nintendo DS Lite. This is a slimmer and lighter redesign of the original Nintendo ds and it has brighter screens. The ninentdo ds is in particular a hit amongst the 13 to 30 years old. The different bright and shiny colours, the ninentdo ds comes in, attracts the customers.
In January of 2004, the codename Nintendo ds was published but later changed to Nitro. The Nintendo ds has stereo speakers that provide virtual surround sound. There is a texture-coordinate transformation provided by Nintendo ds systems?s 3D hardware. The Nintendo ds has 656 kilobytes of video memory.

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