PlayStation Vita is the new PlayStation Portable

The PlayStation Vita is a handheld video game console, developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PlayStation Portable and is part of the PlayStation brand. The PlayStation Vita was released in Japan in December 2011 and in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Singapore in February 2012.
The PlayStation Vita?s primary competitor is the Nintendo 3DS and it is part of the eight generation of gaming. There was a limited edition of the PlayStation Vita that was released in North America a week earlier than the official launch date. The Little Deviant was released together with the PlayStation Vita. The handheld PlayStation Vita comes with two analog sticks and its shape is similar to the PlayStation Portable. The PlayStation Vita has an extremely oval shape, features a D-Pad, a set of standard PlayStation face buttons and two shoulder buttons. Internally, the PlayStation Vita features a 2 GHz system. In addition, the PlayStation Vita features a rear touch pad, two cameras, stereo speakers, a microphone and a motion system. The PlayStation Vita has been released in two different versions, one with 3G and WIFI support as well as a cheaper version without 3G support but still with WIFI support.
Of course, it is self-explanatory why the PlayStation Vita a great gift for children, let us starting at an age of 13, young adult or even adults in general. That is the attraction of a gaming console like the PlaySation Vita it attracts all age group. It can be seen in a positive and a negative way that the PlayStation Vita is interesting for everybody no matter what age, sex, profession, etc. The positive aspect about the PlayStation Vita is that all those people who might normally not speak to each other have all of a sudden a topic to socialize with. The negative side of the PlayStation Vita might be that people actually do not socialize because they sit at home in front of the TV.

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