Playstation 3 – history and features

von Michel Ngilen via Wikimedia Commons

von Michel Ngilen via Wikimedia Commons

The playstation 3 is the third edition of the video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. The Playstation 3 is the successor of the Playstation 2. The Playstation 3 is part of the Playstation Series and competes with other video game consoles such as the Xbox 360 and Nintendo?s Wii. The Playstation 3 was first released in Japan in 2006. The playstation 3 entered other international markets shortly after. A major feature of the playstation 3 is its online gaming service, the PlayStation Network. Further features of the playstation 3 are its multimedia compabilities, its connectivity with the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita as well as its use of Blu-ray disks as primary storage medium of the playstation 3.
Sony officially unveiled the playstation 3 on the E3 2005 conference in May 2005. The sixaxis controller of the playstation 3 was boomerang shaped already then. However, there was no functional version of the system present yet. Sony held demonstrations with the game Metal Gear Solid 4 and Guns of the Patriots for the playstation 3. In September 2006, Sony announced that the launch of their playstation 3 would be delayed till March 2007. The reason for this was a shortage of materials used in the Blu-ray drive. The playstation 3 had originally been planned for a global release, first Japan, then North America and Europe and then the rest of the world.
The appearance of the playstation 3 is elegant. The playstation 3 is convex on its left side and has the playstation logo upright. You can use Blu-rays, DVDs, and other optical media with the playstation 3. The playstation 3 is also known as PS3 and it runs with a Cell microprocessor. The hardware of the playstation 3 has also been used to produce supercomputers for high-performance computing. The playstation 3 has several original hardware models. There is a redeisigned, slimmer model of the playstation 3 which is 32 per cent smaller, 36 per cent lighter and consumes 34 per cent less power than the previous model.

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