The Wii U and its features

The wii u s a video game console from Nintendo and the wii u is the successor to the Wii. The wii u was released on November 18, 2012 in North America, November 30, 2012 in Europe and Australia, and on December 8, 2012 in Japan. The Wii U is the first Nintendo console that [...]

Gaming news

Gaming news is covered in journalism. The special genre covering gaming news is called video game journalism. That is great for someone whose hobby is playing video games because by reporting about gaming news they can make their hobby their profession. The probably first magazine to cover gaming news and which is still in continuous [...]

Tomb Raider and sexy Lara Croft

Tomb Raider is a video game franchise including also comic books, novels, theme park rides and movies. Tomb Raider plays around the adventure of fictional English archeologist Lara Croft. Core Design developed the first six games of Tomb Raider. Crystal Dynamics developed the latest four Tomb Raider games. The fifths Tomb Raider game is currently [...]

The new Microsoft xbox 720 to be launched

The new microsoft xbox 720 is the follower of the xbox 360. There are many rumours about the new Microsoft xbox 720, about its features and prices. One of the most important information for users is that the Microsoft xbox 720 rules out the usage of seconde hand games. The new Microsoft xbox 720 requires [...]

GTA V – a highly anticipated game

Gta v is an action adventure video game. GTA V is shortened and stands for Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V was developed by Rockstar North in the United Kingdom and published by Rockstar Games. GTA V is the successor of the gta IV and continues the fictional universe of that game. Gta v is [...]

Free 2 play against video game piracy

Free 2 play games allow, as the name suggests, users to play video games or social or mobile application without paying. Free 2 play became popular with mmo games ? massively multiplayer online games aimed at casual gamers. Free 2 play soon found popularity and wider adoption among games released by major video game publishers [...]

FIFA 13 – the new edition

FIFA 13 is a video game and also known as FIFA 13 Soccer 13 in North America. More specifically, FIFA 13 is the most recent edition of Electronic Arts? football FIFA series. FIFA 13 was developed by EA Canada and a demo was released in September 2012. The demo teams of FIFA 13 include Borussia [...]